Cloud Servers

A cloud server is similar to a physical server that works in a virtual infrastructure cloud, making it more flexible and cost effective. It is an infinitely scalable, low-cost server solution that cannot be matched in terms of availability, performance and more. Our cloud server pricing is based on exact specifications, which are configured using a calculator. This way the customer only pays for the features you need. Servers Infrastructure is available in 10 global data centers (New York, California, Texas, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Israel) and available for expansion in our local partners’ data centers.

Private Cloud Network

A Private Cloud Network is a cloud computing model that provides you or your organization with the exclusive access to your computing environment. A Private Cloud Network offers similar benefits to public cloud systems, but provides total control of data and thereby eliminates many security and privacy concerns.

Cloud Load Balancer

A Cloud Load Balancer distributes workloads across two or more working servers and resources to maximize performance and avoid overload. It is a virtual, scalable, high availability component that improves user response time and system stability.

Cloud Block Storage (Hard Disk Library)

Cloud block storage is a data storage system for cloud servers, much like a virtual private hard disk. Cloud block Storage can be used to store any information, and offers great value for money at the lowest cost per GB on the market. Fully scalable, cloud block storage is always available and can be increases in size as required. If you no longer need it, you can drop it at any time without paying for any more than you’ve used. One of the main advantages of using a cloud block storage system is that it provides highly reliable, centralized storage with no single point of failure, making it ideally suited to a variety of applications, including:

1.  Storage systems for files, databases, images or other file level data

2.  High demand, data-centric applications

3.  Fast background storage processing

4.  Offline backups

Cloud Firewall

A Cloud Firewall is a virtual tool that safeguards your cloud servers and private network. The Cloud Firewall prevents against unauthorized access to your network infrastructure, protecting it from attacks and filtering out unwanted traffic while providing inbound and outbound internet access through a secure gateway.

Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud is a service whereby we manage your cloud infrastructure for you, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing without having to possess high-level technical expertise, or employ a system administrator. This allows you to focus on your core business such as developing great applications and acquiring new customers, rather than wasting time on addressing server glitches.

Cloud File Server

This solution provides the ability to sync folders & files to cloud storage, access files with any Internet-capable device from any location and the Main client has the ability for grant other client’s access to a shared folder

API - Application Programming Interface

API allows easy access to cloud resources, giving the option to create tools to optimize the performance of cloud resources and business, like:

  1.  auto scale your cloud resources

  2. generating new servers on demand

  3.  massively turn on servers for load balancing

Multi-Tenant Users Management

Multi-Tenant allows our partners to establish users/customers under their environment and allow them to manage servers, set up new servers, update server resources, manage pricing accordingly and more.

Partners Whitelabels

White label reseller program provides you with a complete suite of tools and services to help you market and manage your own clients' hosting products, with no upfront investment, ongoing maintenance or need for a technical team. This option pays you a fixed percentage of the total monthly bill of all your clients, whilst we take care of server management, hardware upgrades, maintenance etc.

  1.  White Label Features

  2.  Custom control panel text

  3.  Add your own logos and branding

  4.  Billing details exportable as CSV report

  5.  Full API access


partner clients' sites are hosted on our white label control panel, which you can tailor according to your own branding and specifications so your clients will never know the service has been provided by a third part.